What color will you embrace this season??

This last week has been intense spiritually, emotionally, and it has ended VICTORIOUSLY. I keep noticing the color "purple". I keep seeing items that are purple and they just have my attention. Now let's see if you can follow me. One's back yard; be it in one's dream or in real life "CAN" mean the past, and then the front yard can and does mean one's current situation in life. Most everything has a spiritual meaning to it. One will be positive and then there most likely will be a negative one too. The goal of this posting is to share HOW GOD can and does talk to you and you most likely have never noticed before. Well in these last 24 hours, I have been noticing purple flowers. This morning October 31, 2013, I heard a birds call and KNEW (99%), it was the Costa's Hummingbird. Then I thought, how can that be when it's now winter? So I got my field guide out AND learned they stay here in San Diego all year long. WOW!! So I went outside to watch this little female and noticed she loves to sit perched in the (Lycianthes rantonnetii), which is the blue potato bush. I then noticed that most of the flowers blooming in my front yard are purple: Mexican Sage, Lycianthes Rantonnetii, Setcreasea 'Purple Heart', and of course the Hummingbird. NOW this is the 2nd part, it is in the front yard, and the front yard usually represents the present/future SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I declare that today and from this day forward, I am full of God's Royalty and HIS Princess. I usually get and even interpret ones dreams, and now you see that you don't need a dream to receive communication from GOD. Look around and see what grasps your attention, write it down, and I even give you permission to share it with me so as to grasp and understand what it means and what GOD just "might" be trying to get into your spirit.


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