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What does it take to encourage you?

When one you/I are going through something we would rather now, what does it take to encourage/bless you?   So often we let a statement, an ugly look from someone or something that WE allow to take away our smile, or joy/happiness.  I have come through more than I can imagine, and I have actually come through it and am now out the other side.  I love birds, bugs and just creation in its beauty.  We presently are 2 months behind in many of our bills, our home is in a physical mess, for remodeling is at a virtual standstill until we get caught up with other financial obligations.  With saying this, today I was doing dishes and heard a birds call. It was one I hadn’t heard in some time and I went and grabbed my binoculars. It was a little pack, colony, group of WHITE CROWNED SPARROWS. I was elated and acted like a 8 year old kid getting an ice cream cone!  FUNNY! So with sharing the above information here is the delightful winged pleasure I now bless you with!

Peek A Boo
This little guy is…

What ailment/sickness have you ever battled?

My entire life I have battled many a sign or symptom of some kind of ailment from chest pains to mental breakdowns that I bounce back from within minutes. I have watched people that are perfectly fine, go off on some anger tangent of monumental proportions and then come back to ground level and act like all is fine. Others will say that one has an identity issue! I believe EVERY person that has been born has to come to grips of who they REALLY are, who GOD created and see that person when they LOOK into the mirror. I know ever so many when raised were told by someone repititiously something not true or nice and then when grown adults unknowingly believe that lie. We ALL battle some sort of addiction, be it something that goes into our mouth and belly or just want someone to listen to us. Personally I have been ignored ever so much by ever so many and when I am listened to or paid some attention, it ever so often is interrupted. I laugh (sincerely) for I love nature/creation and ev…

Misty Edwards - Soul Cry