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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!! If you are reading this HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!   I take the time to thank our God and King Jesus Christ as well as YAHWEH, for my friends (who are family, and you know who you are, well I hope you do)! This is a short posting, and very simple~~~     I THANK MY GOD FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!    Shalom, and God Bless!     Looking forward to this Holiday season.........
The turkey below says:  Gobble, gobble...   I flew out of the coop just in the nic of time.                     Nicole Nanette..........................

Breakthroughs/ Dreams

I am not sure where to start here, without sharing nearly a lifetime of information............  
So as i proceed, IF you have any questions, PLEASE ask, for we:  be it humans, or maybe the church or ? THINK we understand a subject/situation but then we get added information and learn that which we didn't know before.  This is a real example I will share.......... ready?
I have had somethings that have been with me most of my life; so it is common/familiar for and with me. I have had many healing's and breakthroughs but within a few weeks, (though i am better, there is still a remnant of what was there to begin with). I have had dreams/ revelational information given to me, and in each case, yes there is wonderful healing, but one thing that has skyrocketed is what I call blank outs! So many I know get healed of be illness's/conditions and then within days/weeks, they seem to lose the healing.
This last season, my oldest son who lives here at home (he is over 30), and is i…

America's Marines Singing "Days of Elijah"