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I posted last time about jumping back into life or as it has been spoken back into the Spiritual River!   So in some ways i most certainly have, and i believe I have been in the 2 foot section of the river, NOW this weekend, it is going to be somewhat deeper. I have signed up to go the Fraternal Order of Eagles fair. I will set up my tent and offer my photography, book and other arts! Haven't done this for years and I am putting the past behind me and God knows what i mean by this. We don't ignore our entire past, but we don't FOCUS on it, and being a photographer, I can and do focus on items i shouldn't.  This is a short but to the point posting ladies and gentlemen~  

Jumping back in~~

It  has been over a year, nearly two since i actively used my camera. Since i don't drive, I am basically stuck at home and recently acquired a bike and need to get a basket or backpack so as to be able to take snacks, camera and my binoculars OUT THERE.  I used to go to nearby parks, sanctuaries, and other nature places, weekly, and had such a wonderful time with God alone. I probably have over 10,000 images/pictures in my external hard drive and/or computer from the last almost 10 years of travel; instate and out of state.  Those who know me, also know i have a self-published book and sell my photography here in San Diego and online. For nearly my entire life i have went, gone, traveled short and long distances to do what I like, and here in the last few years have been pretty restricted to home and mostly i garden and clean the house. I still get out "there" as I can get rides.  So in this last week, I truly discern I have and will get back out "there" be it…