What Have you neglected in your walk?

What have you neglected in your walk? To everything there is a season and this season I believe we need to focus on what indeed GOD is speaking to us in regards to what needs attention to be purged in our life as well as what to water in our lives. I was saved as a teenager, and now i am over 50 years of age. I spent over 20 years studing the Word of God, using my Strongs Concordance; filled notebooks full of those studies. I went to Precept Courses to study, study, and study. About 10 years ago i left the church/faith i was in; (after about 20 years of stedfast attendance). I wanted more of God and I just couldnt find it in this church or faith. I started going to a penecostal church and after several years i was hit with something horrible. Let me share this now; I am adopted and found my birth dad during this season as well. What God was doing (i didnt know it then) was bringing up *^$*# from the past and with the help of my husband cast out demons that had been in me since who knows when. I was taught christians couldnt have demons. Ok, then i continued in the penecostal church but hadnt realized i really wasnt into the Word like i used be and slowly over the past few years, have nearly abandoned it. Yes i still read it occasionally but........ Last week my son was cleaning out his room and a few books he gave me that had been tucked away. 2 are about genrational curses. Yes i had "thought" i took care of this, but as i read the book, i could start to see, that well, one prayer wasnt going to do it. You know i am like a microwave person, i like quick easy methods....... So in the book there was a 3 page deliverance session, so i made a word document and sat in repentence as was directed. i meticulously wrote down every sin the Holy Spirit brought to my attention. This took me about 3 hours. Within 24 hours i was hit with what has hit me for the last years and even though once i still "blankedout" i had several more hits but didnt blank out at all. The next day, again was hit, and was quiet and still, and blanked out. So i havent been hit again since, but do know i will be. I have chosen to stand firm, and fight. Side note: i love LOVE my name that my dad who abandoned me as an infant; that it was my DAD/ABBA who named me NICOLE, Victorious one! Victory of the People, His ways have i kept and not turned aside. Job 23:11 www.behindthename.com