My name is Nicole and my daddy named me; my birth dad. I am adopted and my birth parents abandoned me.  I was raised well especially by my mom, and didn’t learn that until after she passed away.
I have been saved since 1977, and that is a result of Billy Graham, and of course the Holy Spirit.  I got married to my high school sweetheart and now it is over 30 years of marriage. I found my birth dad, though I was looking for my birth mom. 
What I have learned is this, I was looking for something, maybe acceptance, for I have had the fear of rejection, as well as the spirit of abandonment and had to come face to face with them for a victory, and to have that, once must accept the truth and for me , my breakthrough of my life is to let LOVE, penetrate me, every cell of this body.
My adopted mom loved me, my husband loves me, and who know who else loves me OH YEAH, of course God does. 
While in high school I took the classes I needed and found out I still need a couple of more so after a bit, I chose photography.  Before I graduated, the teacher liked my work, and I started going to the track meets. Again Before I graduated, a guy liked me, and started following me, and we started dating. As well, my teacher who liked my work, got me to enter some images in the county fair.  END RESULTS of both issues,  I am married to that guy I started dating, and have been ever since. TWO, I entered my work and both earned top prizes, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. 
Several years ago, after our kids (3 boys) were raised, I got a little camera and before long was addicted. Then I used Costco and got a book done full of my best pictures. Mostly birds, flowers, and Gods creations!    Soon I got tired of hearing about how good my stuff was and made a few greeting cards/ matted images and went to Earth Day celebrated every year on this planet. Well I made over $200. So I realized, ok I guess my stuff is good. I got my foot into Walgreens and sold some stuff that first year. That ended and though it has been a rocky road, and full of spiritual warfare, I believe I am in over a dozen stores and now one outside California.  I am going though a INTENSE healing now from the childhood trauma that did happen to me, and that is a whole another story or trail. I have been set free of demons, of spirits that have wanted me dead, and am trying to be still as that is hard for me to do.  I joined facebook, and am not on as much as before.  I look forward to learning about you know…..
Here is where I store a lot of my work. I have thousands of images, and never know what to post to share and what not to.