And you thought God doesn't communicate much to you!

So many believe God speaks/communicates through the word of God/the bible or maybe a sermon, a teaching from your pastor, and yes those dreams and visions He blesses us with.  Yes this is true, but if you have a close relationship, you listen, pay attention when you study the word of God, and other avenues, you get to GRASP, the communicative avenues of our GOD and the entire TRINITY. So let me explain this nugget ok?  
I am sitting here in my office and here a crow squawking and it gets louder and louder. I get up and as i open the front door of our home, it flies off my roof.  My roof of my office.  I come back in and sit down to get some more work done in my new store. I then hear several crows, for several minutes, just intensely. Sooo, I look out my window and notice they are attacking a Female Red Tailed hawk!  I grab my binoculars and see she is delighting herself in a freshly captured meal, and is tearing it apart, devouring every morsel! The crows are livid and what does Ms. Buteo do?!!!!   Nothing!  She ignores those crows, and just dines and enjoys her meal. Sooooooooooooooooo, what do i realize?   I have had demons/spirits come attack me in several ways, and in some ways i fight, i lose sleep, i worry, i freak out, and can be ever so exhausted.  What does the hawk do?  Nothing!  Now i know there are times to fight and times not to fight. I  have seen raptors divebomb crows, and so often though as they dine and just perch watching their domain/area, they don't let the crows/enemy bother them. Next time "some situation" has your attention,  think, ask yourself      LORD, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SHOW ME/  TEACH ME?      Just thought you would like to know, since i have heard ever so often from every so many,  God doesn't say much to me.  :(


  1. There is so much God communicates through nature.


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