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How can I begin?

I have so much going through my brain, soul, and have had to just slow down, be still and not only KNOW HE IS GOD, but actually stopping, yes just for over an hour, but i actually fell asleep. I KNOW that needs  to be done more often. I nearly abhor slowing down, but every time i do, GOD IS THERE.  So openly, i am sorry, i repent for it.  I don't discern God's anger, actually I discern, His pleasure in me, and that I am trying, that I haven't given up. HE knows, KNOWS, my heart. He knows the way I take, and when as an artist I have posted where showing my work (photography, paintings, book, greeting cards), I have typed, spoken, MY name is Nicole and my daddy, DADDY GOD, named me.  Nicole mean victory, victorious one.....  I am over 50 years of age, and growing up NICOLE was no one else's name. I was the only Nicole for nearly 30 years of this earthly life of mine, that i ever heard of. I found out by christian's, and non-christian's both that Nicole means Vict…

Loving Creation, AND THE CREATOR

Well, yeah I have been procrastinating in regards to posting. I "like and want" to do things in order. BUT who decides what IS in order? What is "not" in order.......  So often "we humans, think ever so much and so much doesn't get done".   In sharing the previous, i now get to the subject matter.
This is my 2nd posting and I share that as a photographer/artist i basically focus on creation, be it bugs, flowers, birds, and landscapes. Of course i can take image/pictures of other stuff too, like vehicles, structures and people, but mostly nature items.  In this last season, i have thought carefully about growing up and that which i was used to, that which was common, i asked/tried to see it from a different perspective and did!  I see the fact that i was driven (on family vacations), all over America, to see National Parks, cities, places of interest, and lakes as well as specific mountains/canyons. It was also pointed out to me I believe by the Lord, …