I has been nearly two months since I have posted. I has been hard but victorious, and I AM FREE! 
        One, I have been free many a time from many things that have cursed me, been attached, and/or even in me. This last ugly one, was shame; yes, let me spell it:~~~  s h a m e.  Now the definition:  
        Yesterday was November 24th. In had taken a shower the night before; but felt so inclined to do so again when I awoke.  I did take one yesterday, washed my hair. My husband and I went to do laundry too, it had been 2 weeks. We got home and he had to go to work as well. I went and cleaned the entire kitchen, which is a place of preparation. SO I gather yesterday, November, was certainly a day of CLEANSING.  THANK YOU ABBA ~  Now for the Balm of Gilead, I pray.  Going to go far in God’s Kingdom. SHALOM~~ 

My Testimony VICTORY

I was born to a woman who wasn’t married. She was a waitress in a bar, and he was the bartender. He had a fiancé, and the fiancé and waitress were good friends! So, we have 2 women and a man and a baby (me).  I learned a few years ago, that the fiancé’ was a witch as well as my babysitter for nearly 6 months of my life.  One day upon getting home my mom saw me bleeding. She took me to the hospital and basically abandoned me there. While in the hospital, I contracted spinal meningitis.  I was then put in the newspaper as the story shared the child abuse from the fiancée (witch) and then got Bill and Mary as my parents, who adopted me.
My name is Nicole and it means Victorious Warrior/ Victory of the People.  I love my name and it was given to me by my birth father. I know of course God named me Nicole.
My biological mom was a waitress in a bar in 1957, and my dad was the bartender.  His name was Jack and he ha…

Living in Las Vegas~~ Testimony time

This has been a traumatic week for so many.  With this terror, traumatic even in Las Vegas has escalated GOOD, a good spirit here. People are reaching out and giving blood, money, food, and more.  Before all revivals of GOD, are traumatic events.
So many of us go through traumatic events in our lives.  Yes even as infants, all the way unto adulthood.
I can only speak of my own life.  I had traumatic event from birth to adulthood. I have no memory of them, but know they happened and can give details if asked. 
1. I was conceived out of wedlock, and the parents never got married.
2. My biological mom, allowed her good friend (a witch) babysit me for the first 6 months of my life.
3. My biological mom abandoned me at a local hospital and this actually made it into the local news.
4. I was adopted after the newspaper article shared the details of my situation,
5. Years passed, I grew up, my adopted dad died when I was 11 of cancer.
6. Years passed and I got saved in 1977.
7. got married …

The True Nicole has arrived!

I haven't posted since June of this year.  We (my husband and I), have been traveling across our nation, and it has been intense at times.  God has been setting me free of more than I may ever know, and that is fine. We have landed, settled in Las Vegas and  ICLV is here:  International Church in Las Vegas.  Words can  never describe, the  hideous, gross, and evil sensations I have felt since we left California.  I just know God started deep cleaning me when we left and it continued until this very week.  I awoke today: September 2nd, 2017, TOTALLY CHANGED and FREE of that evil.  YEAH GOD!  I plan on writing another book, this time it will be more of a devotional.  I will most likely call it :  To Everything There Is A  Season.  
This am I had such a delightful dream and even most of my life, dreams have played a substantial role in my freedom. May I share this dream and my discernment on it?  Thank you! ~~~~~~~~
I AWOKE ABOUT 5:30 AM, from this dream:
I had been on a bus and noticed…



Africa By Toto With Lyrics


wow! I MEAN WOW!

Well, I haven't  posted for sometime and that is because:
1. Our house was foreclosed upon
2. God has greater things for us than that
3. We have been directed to TEXAS, and are being directed more daily.
4. GOD IS DOING A MAJOR CLEANING or any percentage but 100%  
Honestly that is ever so hard too.  Hey I have to be honest~
Do your kids or maybe your spouse, take you into worry and anxiety? Well it is time for us to GIVE
those we love to HIM.  Utterly and completely; in Jesus name of course. I personally believe that a major part of illness and disease is from worrying/ freaking out/ anxiety and such. There is quite allot too from curses in ones bloodline or even marrying into it. I think that 10% or less illness is from germs, and physical issues.  It is time to give our worries to GOD, take authority over any known / unknown curses and break them. Find our if we are walking in our  true identity and claim those Victories in JESUS NAME.  CAN I get an Amen?  Well feel free to as…