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Freedom and the Parrots

These cuties are red crowned parrots.  Their biography IS the fact they were birdnapped from central america.  Brought up here to the US of A, & as the vehicles that had them caged approached the border, it was found out, the bird nappers would most likely be fined, caught and more.  Soooooooooooooo,  they let the parrots go, they released them, opened the doors of the cages and FREEDOM!  There were less than a hundred THEN.  NOW we have in Southern California, most likely close to a thousand.   A community of these critters live in Orange County, which is close to Los Angelas, and I believe the rest live down here in San Diego County.   Now for my story:   These  parrots land on my residential street, where I live.  They land nearly every day, be it here OR within a mile or so.  I go on what I call parrot field trips.  What happens, is:  they are ever so loud and then they dive bomb me. I get the biggest blessing out of it too!  This am it was less than 40 degrees, and they are …

Kimberly Joybubbles Harvey Testimony

Wind  shower Yeah Nicole wow! Releasing you Nicole from the tyranny of the trauma, canceling the power of the trauma.  His healing to His work of art, washing away the pain.   U papa wind,  you, you (Nicole).
Your name is right, its right in your name  VICTORY 4 the people.  I will pour freedom, freedom, all across the land.    A victim, now a victor, overcoming abuse.
I will start understanding the differences…  He will do things incredibly by the Spirit.  Your life will be different, so deep. A quiet transition.  Be careful to who you share.
Wings to soar, wings to fly, wings to overcome.   Prisoners of this pain. You take the keys, and I am giving you my grace, my healing, right now, my strength to overcome. My precious, precious,  I was there in your pain,   My precious, precious, I assure you its for HIS gain                         
My precious, precious, what the enemy meant for evil I have, I will use for good.  I took from Him, to use so you would win. 
I’m so glad  youre …

Killdeer Song


What do you believe, know, and understand about your relationship with Christ.................

what is ever so sad to me, IS the fact of all the worry over who is going to be president........... If one is a christian and has the discernment GOD DOES GIVE........... what does God say about the election. Well, most prophets, and apostles SAY: God is going to restore America! God's people have been praying most of the year, (of course there are those who are lazy), but it was a delight when I heard Chuck Pierce, and Dutch Sheets . . . . . Share about the fact that GOD IS ABOUT TO PLAY THE TRUMP CARD. Of course I hear the media give LIES too, as the clintons do regularly. ALSO...... this video, is AWESOME and if you think you are important. YOU BETTER TAKE AN HOUR AND WATCH IT... Don't complain later that , you were never warned. WE will have a restored Nation soon, but there is going to be some casualties too! God always warns, encourages...... before blessings and judging. SHALOM ~ ~ ~ ~     

TRUMP: the COMING LANDSLIDE. ~Ancient Prophecy Documentary

Keeping the 10 commandments~~~

The Ten Commandments I am the Lord, your God.Thou shall bring no false idols before me.Do not take the name of the Lord in vain.Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.Honor thy father and thy mother.Thou shall not kill/murder†.Thou shall not commit adultery.Thou shall not steal††.Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.Thou shall not covet‡ your neighbor's wife (or anything that belongs to your neighbor)  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    This season, I keep hearing The Ten Commandments, in my spirit.   So I  have been thinking: What commandments  DON'T I keep, and which one DO I keep?   I tried to remember them all, and would only make it to 8 or 9.  Not to 10..........  Ikes.  Now the one commandment I am trying to keep the Sabbath.   So this posting is to get us, you, and whomever will ,  KEEP THESE COMMANDMENTS!    SHALOM TOO!
TESTIMONY TIME.......... I'M back but this time, with my TRUE IDENTITY 100%. I have been fighting, FIGHTING, so as to be walking, living in the Identity GOD CREATED me to be in. I keep having breakthroughs (good), and keep coming up a level, (good). So often what seems to be evil, is deliverance and healing! FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS~ Deep breath... I got thrown to the floor yesterday (not good) and never imagined, that it was 100% VICTORY (darkest before the dawn), and if you are going through some ugh, it is the same for you too! VICTORY is at hand. Well I got thrown to the floor yesterday and when I came to, I wasn't sure where I was, and then "life" came into focus, I found blood on the pillow and had no fear (started saying shalom 2 years ago, as Holy Spirit prompted me)( Deborah Pomeroy / Debra Karrasch ) I washed my head (to the best of my ability, the back of it, and I could not see it) The day progressed and I learned as I have started listening to Sheila Zili…

Witchcraft-The Astonishing Secret Witches Don't Want You To Know- Carla ...


It has been 58 years of not being who Our ABBA created me to be. To be full of ugh, and more than I will ever fathom, or need to know. I have been set free of deaf and dumb spirits, spirits of fear and more. I know not how many. I had such a wonderful breakthrough, this last February.  I awoke one morning, and it was like I was on a different planet. Colors were brighter, and I smelled more deeply.  Those pesky blankouts/ were over, and life was wonderful!   I started seeing the numbers 3 and 17 at least a dozen times each day!  My birthday came and passed, with IS the 17th of March.  The end of March came and the blankouts returned. ????  What the uhg....... ????   I had no idea of WHAT happened, and may not ever.  These mini seizures were different, in the fact there was no warning and more.  Mostly my entire life came to a standstill. I even quit church for a short while. Just walking throug…

Fire of My love Music Terri Geisel Soaking worship


Deborah and the bee . . . . . .

I am sharing the scriptures from the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.

     I see so often in life, I see such life and it is interpreted from the spiritual to physical and from physical observations, to spiritual understandings.  This posting is over the fact that for several days; I have been doing my A.M. devotions and upon doing them, I see much activity in my yard of birds, insects and more.   So, these last few days, a honeybee keeps visiting me, and now has been landing in my soda can from the night before.  Starting a couple of days ago, I took some of the left over soda and put it in a small little cup (left over from cat food), and upon getting up, sitting down with my bible and doing my devotions, this honeybee each morning, comes to where I sit, and drinks any thing in that little container. I took some photos and now share with you!
I also want to share, that over the last 3 days (July 26th - 29th) :  New species of …


Before God ever formed us in our mothers’ wombs, He knew us. In other words, before He even brought us forth He had fully determined who we are and established our identity in Him.                          One of the most important weapons of warfare we have in any battle is our God-given identity. When we allow God to reveal to us who we truly are, and we choose to believe Him, we can live from that identity and trust God to back it up and bring it about. When we know who we are to God, with God, and for God, we can enter any situation or circumstance confident that we will see victory, because we are walking out the destiny God created us for, called us to, and has empowered us to step into.                                                                                                  The Life of the Son The Father models this to us in the life of His Son. When Jesus emerged from the waters of His baptism, the Father proclaimed Jesus’ identity. The Father declared that Jesus is a “…

Do you focus looking vertically OR horizontally?

I was reading a blog posting from a brother in the Lord ~~ Joe Dawson.  It is exactly what I have been doing as of late. With all the activity on this planet and I am sure in the universe we live in, most of us spend more time focused on the that evil, rather than focused on the good, (and yes there is good in many places, just take time to LOOK for it).  So often when signing into social media, I see people posting dozens of items of the negative activity all around, and just think if we posted declarations, scriptures and an occasional news article. I have read before...........                                                          Finally brothers/sisters in the Lord, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virture, and if there be any praise, think on THESE THINGS!
Phillippians 4:8
Now here is the article that shares in d…

Overcoming unbelief and not feeling worthy enough!

You know no one is perfect! No one!  Only God is perfect!   So the next time you "feel" like God is going to use you, or can't use you, well   JUST REMEMBER THIS!!

Abraham was too oldIsaac was a daydreamerJacob was a liarJoseph was abused and torturedMoses stuttered alotGideon had some FEARSRahab was a harlot/prostitute Jeremiah was too you as was Timothy tooDavid  had lust issue with an affair ANDDavid was a murderer tooElijah had suicidal issuesJonah ran away from GODNaomi was a widowJob lost most everything, and went bankruptPeter denied Christ repititiouslyThe disciples fell asleep while they were prayingMartha worried most all the timeThat Samaritan woman, she was divorced (more than once)Zaccheus was tiny, too smallPaul was very religious (religion isn't good)Timothy had ulcersAND ...............................  LAZARUS died, was dead!!�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������…

Chris Tomlin - Good Good Father (Audio)


It's time to emerge~

When I think of emerging I grasp either the butterfly coming out of it’s cocoon, or maybe a bear coming out of it’s hibernation.  I have been in a literal hibernation: (basically in my home, no transportation)(Others will pick me up and take me places),(most of my art/photography has been dormant as well). God is bringing many (if not all) out of that place that they/me have been hibernating in. Most have a car and drive, so thier/your hibernation is of another sort. Maybe they/you are not much into social gatherings, or maybe they have abandoned thier yard work.  This is the season/time to either pick up or start that which hasn’t been done yet, or in awhile. So, take that step of action/faith and quit thinking/talking about it and do it!  Sounds like a Nike commercial.  Ready, Set, Let’s GO

Before the Revival of God's People!

Who remembers what happened in 1906?  WELL?  Earthquakes galore . . . .  Here is a link to see in detail.       Here in this month of April, we have had oodles of Earthquakes above 7.0,  &  the  is a LINK of our planets volcano activity!   It is time to use wisdom, not just your knowledge, and stock up as God prompts with water and other items to get you through a week or more with no electricity. I KNOW GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING BIG, and yes the fruit is REVIVAL!  But what most don’t want to hear, or pay attention to is WHAT HAPPENS BEFORE THE REVIVAL!  It is time not to just hear, but listen, be aware of and HEED what the Spirit IS Speaking to the church, be it through the Prophets, Apostles, Teachers, Evangelists, and/or Pastors. Yes start listening and take action. We have become a very docile people, and it is time to take action as God prompts, and leads  R…

My Baby Girl!! ~~~~ Henrietta Maye

My baby girl…………. So many of us have pets. Well did you know that so often WHEN you dream, and and you dream of your pet, if usually is interpreted as YOU! YOU are God’s adorable pet! So, in sharing this, I dreamt of Henrietta Maye some years ago, and she was about 2-3 feet tall, up on all fours, and she was LIVID/ ANGRY!!!!   I learned that week, i needed to angry at the enemy, and NOT SIN! I dreamt again of her a few months ago, and this one, was just simply her coming out of her burrough. (she is a desert tortoise, and hibernates every winter), so, I Knew it was time to come out of my burrough. (get out of my house and get involved into REAL LIFE).  So in sharing this…………………… ................. Here is Henritta maye, eating, what I provided for her. Some romaine lettuce, some rose petals, and mexican primrose. BTW, If you know me, and know you will see me, I am looking for hibiscus flowers. Let me know, and I will buy/trade for them. SHALOM TO YOU!

Sid Roth Interview with Robert Henderson (2016)


Finales and Futures



This is a wonderful, beautiful, and AWESOME season, for many of us! As we stay focused on our Saviour, and His way, His Kingdom, and more of HIM.  We will get breakthrough out of breakthrough! Things we must wait on, some things we don’t.  It is hard to live as one person “most” of your life and then blossom/bloom into who GOD created!  Several demons have been eradicated, cast off/out of me, and a curse broken.  Christians have been watching me for years “blank out” and I haven’t had a doctor, The Lord is my doctor! I know I very well would/could be in a mental institution and I hear myself say: “I never did anything wrong.”  It has been a long road and God has chosen wise ways for me.  This posting is just a trumpet blast of my freedom, in Jesus Name!  More blasts later!  God opened the door, with an order from Photography by Nicole , and International Order of the vintage typewriter. Very Strategic!  More sales soon!  Awaiting the green light!   SHALOM!  We are in a season of break…

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Moon, Venus, Mercury on February 6 |

Moon, Venus, Mercury on February 6 | Let the crescent moon guide you to Mercury as darkness wanes toward dawn on Saturday, February 6. And see all 5 planets before dawn!

The Old Nicole is gone, the new Nicole is here!

It is very hard to describe the fact of being someone all your life, and that person isn't you. To live under a false identity is sort of hard to explain.  Over the last few years, well I have had new senses come to birth. Especially this month and this week especially my senses have certainly changed/intensified beyond description.  I honestly am amazed that I am even alive from what I have come through without emotion. For now simple joy is astronomically intense to me. Simple sorrow feels like someone has died. This blog post is a spiritual step of faith and obedience and I know many are  having their BREAKTHROUGH of a lifetime as well this month/week/season. ABBA, I pray that I will take the time to get to know myself in a new way, and accept, love, and enjoy myself. Thank you especially for the little goldfinches that YOU SENT to my yard this last week. That was and is such a wonderful present!!!   They have been all over the yard, and sitting in the ~~~~Blue Potato BushRoyal…

No Longer Slaves // Jonathan David & Melissa Helser // We Will Not Be Sh...

Field Trips with ABBA POSTED ON JANUARY 16, 2016
I remember driving out and about in my county, and state.  I would go to lakes, parks, and just trails across the land. I would see life in an entirely different way than usual.  The eagle, the deer, the birds and coyotes.  It has been years since I have driven, so I certainly long and miss those days.  A friend, a sweet friend, and maybe as I allow her to love me, be my sister in Christ. It was so wonderful to go to a local lake (that was nearly dry a week ago), and see it nearly full, from these intense rains.  For years, I would list all the life, especially the birds I would see and hear in my bird diaries. I have never quite understood, why I love to list, List, LIST things, but have since childhood.  Then i would do lists of countries and their capitals, maybe the flowers of a certain nation and many more lists.      I anticipate more trips and even getting my drivers license again before the year is over. Here is the list from o…

There are no words.....................

I share the lyrics to this song, I am sure you know. When you get set free, of many spirits, evil spirits, LIFE BECOMES REAL and SWEET!  Thank you ABBA, for ALL YOU HAVE DONE, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, WHAT CRUCIFIXION WAS LIKE......  I ANTICIPATE THE NEW HEAVENS and THE NEW EARTH!   SHALOM TO ALL WHO READ THIS!

How can I say thanks for the things
You have done for me?
Things so undeserved yet you gave
To prove your love for me
The voices of a million angels
Could not express my gratitude
All that I am, and ever hope to be
I owe it all to thee

To God be the glory, to God be the glory
To God be the glory for the things he has done
With his blood he has saved me
With his power he has raised me
To God be the glory for the things he has done
Just let me live my life and
Let it be pleasing Lord to thee
And if I gain any praise, let it go to calvary
With his blood he has saved me
With his power he has rasied me
To God be the glory for the things he has done

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