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Overcoming unbelief and not feeling worthy enough!

You know no one is perfect! No one!  Only God is perfect!   So the next time you "feel" like God is going to use you, or can't use you, well   JUST REMEMBER THIS!!

Abraham was too oldIsaac was a daydreamerJacob was a liarJoseph was abused and torturedMoses stuttered alotGideon had some FEARSRahab was a harlot/prostitute Jeremiah was too you as was Timothy tooDavid  had lust issue with an affair ANDDavid was a murderer tooElijah had suicidal issuesJonah ran away from GODNaomi was a widowJob lost most everything, and went bankruptPeter denied Christ repititiouslyThe disciples fell asleep while they were prayingMartha worried most all the timeThat Samaritan woman, she was divorced (more than once)Zaccheus was tiny, too smallPaul was very religious (religion isn't good)Timothy had ulcersAND ...............................  LAZARUS died, was dead!!�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������…

Chris Tomlin - Good Good Father (Audio)