Field Trips with ABBA

I remember driving out and about in my county, and state.  I would go to lakes, parks, and just trails across the land. I would see life in an entirely different way than usual.  The eagle, the deer, the birds and coyotes.  It has been years since I have driven, so I certainly long and miss those days.  A friend, a sweet friend, and maybe as I allow her to love me, be my sister in Christ. It was so wonderful to go to a local lake (that was nearly dry a week ago), and see it nearly full, from these intense rains.  For years, I would list all the life, especially the birds I would see and hear in my bird diaries. I have never quite understood, why I love to list, List, LIST things, but have since childhood.  Then i would do lists of countries and their capitals, maybe the flowers of a certain nation and many more lists.      I anticipate more trips and even getting my drivers license again before the year is over. Here is the list from our trip on January 15th, 2016.  Shalom to all who read this…………

  1. Killdeer                                                                  14.   Great Tailed Grackle
  2. American Coot                                                       15.   Brewers Blackbird
  3. Common Moorhen                                                 16.   Red Winged Blackbird
  4. Mallard Duck                                                         17.   Northern Flicker
  5. Double Crested Cormorant                                    18.   Nuttals woodpecker
  6. Black Necked Stilt                                                  19.   Cedar Waxwing
  7. Canadian Goose                                                      20.  Black Phoebe
  8. Great Egret                                                              21.   Common Yellowthroat Warbler
  9. Northern Shoveler                                                   22.   Yellow Rumped Warbler
  10. Green Winged Teal                                                  23.    House Sparrow
  11. Cinnamon Teal                                                         24.    Song Sparrow
  12. American Widgeon                                                   25.     Cassins Kingbird
  13. Mallard                                                                    26.     Rock Dove                                                                                                                             27.     Mourning Dove                                                           28. Red Shouldered Hawk