Signs AND Symptoms

            The goal here in my posting IS to share/teach that many a time that we have Signs and/or Symptoms in our bodies, and most if not all the time ASSUME we have an illness when (those of us that understand the spiritual side of life), in reality it is only an oppressive/possesive attack from the devil, enemy, the dark side of this world. Many don't accept that there is even an unseen side of life or this world.
            When a person comes through a situation, or experience times of darkness, spiritual warfare, illness, and many other facets of evil, they KNOW true freedom, victory, and Salvation in Christ Jesus.  So many that have illness's from simple conditions like Asthma, to terminal illness's as Cancer, don't understand that much, MUCH are stemmed from generational curses of what could be witchcraft, divination, and several other such things. One can be bitter, resentful over people/situations in thier life both past as well as present, and that can open a door (spiritually), and allow illness in. One can have signs and symptoms such as a rash or maybe pain in a part of the body, and will go the doctor before they pray, Pray, or even Pray and Fast over those signs/symptoms. I personally have had many signs and symptoms of illness's, but have not seen a doctor over any of them. I have learned biblically so much about illness, and have embraced/used that knowledge/wisdom so as to shut doors, learn facets of GOOD HEALTH, and to walk as well as live in it.
              Let me share now about me, and if anyone has questions, FEEL FREE To ask. I have over the last few years been blanking out (not passing out, just having ALL black out, and then coming to). I dont faint, just have time missing. This starting happening sometime after finding my biological dad. I learned after finding him, about all the witchcraft done to me as an infant. Then some years passed and I learned of the molestation done to me by my adopted dad.
Over the last few years,  my healing (now complete), has gradually come to pass. First done I believe, one curse at a time. One healing then another. As my healing has intensified and become more and more complete, I would continue to have some signs and symptoms of the childhood trauma, that I had endured.  God has been teaching me and now I have learned it greatly, that even though I still had/have some of those signs/symptoms, that I am healed. That has been one of my greatest breakthroughs.
Most of us will get a sign/symptom of something and automatically believe/diagnose/acknowledge that we have a disease/condition that the enemy "tries" to give us.  Of course we can as well get something from the enemy because of sin, and that is a whole nother posting/chapter/subject. This posting is to share, be aware of the condition(s) of our bodies; become aware and utilize God's directions in how healing is imparted, acquired, as well as how illness's, conditions of our health can be and most certainly can be healed, good, and blessed by grasping and understanding that so often the answer IS in SCRIPTURE.    Before I share scriptures, here are some words, and you can do a word search in your bible, or online, maybe at
Here are some scriptures to start and show you some in ones healing. Now to learn MORE, do a word study on healing/bitterness/resentment

Proverbs 3:5-8      Malachi 4:2     James 5:14       Proverbs 17:22    Psalm 91:1-3     Proverbs 16:24

In closing, I have just touched the base of a mountain in regards to healing/illness/freedom.                       Contact me, and/or do the word study suggested above.