Time to face facts~~~~~~~~~~

Good day to you!!  I know "you" don't have "any" stubborn areas that need some attention~~~   
OH MY GOSH!  I started some deliverance/healing appointments last week and it went ever so well. I learned some good stuff and also could see I am/was too hard on myself.  The weekend came and that was some hard warfare (for me), for I couldn't sleep and so didn't get much of it. FOR ME,
that is a weak spot. So the weekend progressed, and Saturday afternoon, I felt strength come over me, and was just refreshed. Thank You, Lord. After the sun set, well I was getting ready for bed, and all of a sudden, I was soooooooooo, weak and tired.  I crawled under the covers, and hubby came in and cause it was only a wittle after seven pm, well there were some colorful comments.    I remember though (after he left the room), that I actually LET GO of "something" , some fear that I have always had pertaining to sleep. It was as if I melted into the sheets/bed.  I awoke , fell back asleep several times that night and even this season.  Sunday came and I turned on church, (since I don't drive),
and watched http://www.gloryofzion.org/  
I loved it, and yes I did worship.  Chuck Pierce then was the teacher this week and now for the next few weeks is going to focus on teaching about curses/demons and which do you have .......................
Well, I have watched it over a couple of times and will watch it several times more before the week
is over.  I also have been battling an infection, a stubborn infection that won't budge since September 2013.  I went online and learned many a woman have had the same infection, and some for years! 
So as I have been discerning greater, and rising to a new level, well a responsibility is with that new level.  So I HUMBLY/EMBARRASSED EVEN........   deep breath/  share that what I realized is that I nearly always want the short way, microwave, easier, less painful etc way to do things.  I know if
I reach out and touch the Lord I can/will be healed, but so often, I end up having to take the LONG way, doctors have told me, they have never seen situations I have been in with infirmity. Today I get of the LORD, it's time to fast, Fast, FAST.   I freak out, for I like my coffee, sweets etc      
I did quit soda some months ago, but as I look back, I have gradually added sugar to a lot of places.   THEN I felt an angry spirit rise up in me, self pity even  OH MY GOSH!   It has been a few hours, and I have gotten a little better, but I pray that SOMEDAY I can have that cup of coffee again.
 MY gosh, the good point here,  IS the fact, that I do discern the LORD, and hope I make wise choices.  Many of us are going to go through some deep purging, and it's time to face the truth...............  Help me LORD!!! I declare I/we are going to go through this deep purging
and deep healing too!  We shall face fears, and they no longer will take up residence.    
Have a wonderful week and I am looking for new subscriber!
Shalom~~  Nicole Nanette