7 White Pelicans~~~

Those who know me, know I like/love creation  birds/bugs etc.  Of course I don't idolize them, I keep them at a good preference in my life. I can nearly take most anything in my day/agenda and see the spiritual significance of it.  This weekend I was weeding the front yard (in a dream/ front yard means present time), so I am weeding, and I look up.  I see some birds, but they seemed different, I kept looking, and then got my binoculars. I noticed of course they were no longer there :(   ~~  I just kept searching the skies, and after about a minute I FOUND them. They were now a little past our neighborhood towards the west. I counted them and there were 7. 7 is nearly always interpreted "complete"  Pelicans spiritually can stand for the apostolic/apostle and so I have been declaring that much has come to an end (good), and since they were flying west, this time is about over too!    Also twice in the last 24 hours, 7 year old little girls have been pointed out to me. The  first one wanted to dance and do flags with me. Then was on Facebook and an acquaintance/woman of God, posted her little daughters photography.  I got all teary eyed, to see such sweetness. It made me remember that I never; I mean NEVER wanted little girls.  So guess what?  I have all boys/ men now. Ok; back to the white pelicans: white is nearly always clean. I am guessing that I am clean, but going through INTENSE healing now!  Well emotions I never thought I had, are truly surfacing.  So there it is for ALL to see...........  OH!  This photography "isn't" mine.  Is most usually IS, so I wanted to give credit to the photographer, but there was none offered. Have a wonderful day! Oh, and you can keep me in prayer too! For a total and complete healing!  Shalom