Tis been an active week...........

Sooooooooooooooo, MUCH has been happening. I rarely get sick and think the last time when any significant infirmity hit was over 10 years ago. I started feeling something not good last Wednesday which was May 8th. Today its' May 13th.  On a scale of 1-10 with pain, it got to nearly 20 over the weekend. The nausea was atrocious as well, but have felt worse there. Anyway this isn't the focus of the posting. As many know I am in the season of WHAT NOW LORD? In regards to healing and breakthrough. So i decided to go through dreams, and found one from my first born son who lives at home and blesses us greatly. We have 3 sons, 2 of which are in the military. This is the dream that I shall share.....
Chucks dream

Had a dream that we went to Antarctica to find some hidden city underneath it. We went on some crazy expedition underneath the ice in these caves looking for stuff. When we got to the surface it was 70 degrees and warm, I asked why it was so warm if this was Antarctica, you said it's always warm in the day. The scenery changed and we started driving in a Jeep down the road like we were going home.  My dream changed and you were visiting me in an apartment and you had a kid with you. You were mad at me but wouldn't say why. There was someone else there telling you lies about me to keep you mad at me. I kept asking you why you were mad, you never opened your mouth or said anything. I could just tell. I started getting mad at this other person for lying to you. You started to walk away and then my next dream started. We were in a grocery store, but I was there to watch you in a play. I was there with a bunch of your friends and family and some of my family too as well as people I didn't know. I watched the play and you were all dressed and  you and looked very pretty. I remember thinking how happy I was to be with you and how good you were doing. After the play was over I was looking up and down the aisles for you but people kept distracting me. One person said you didn't want to see me but I knew you were somewhere around. The people went over to you and were trying to escort you out of the building so I wouldn't find you. I went outside and started searching for you. Everything went completely black so I was searching in completely darkness. I thought I found you but when I looked into your face it was some other girl, I keep searching until I saw you in front of the building I had just left, you were with the people who were trying to keep us apart. I came up and we hugged each other very tightly. I told you what happened and how much I missed you and didn't want to lose you. The people started to whisper things in your ear and your attitude totally changed, they were telling you things to make you mad at me again. You asked me why I didn't congratulate you on the play, I told you that I thought you did a great job but you wanted me to say congratulations. I told you not to listen to these people, they are trying to split us apart. All of a sudden these bus's came up and we were given numbers to get on. We got our numbers and they were 5 and 6. we got on and were happy to sit next to each other. I remember squeezing your hand tight and telling you I didn't want to ever lose you. At the last second someone switched your ticket and you had to sit in number 1 away from me. As the bus started to leave those people that were originally with you grabbed you and took you off the bus and said you are riding on a different one. I yelled for you and started punching the windows trying to break out but I couldn't. It drove away down the road you had tears in your eyes, but never said a word. It was the worst pain like something special being ripped from you.
Mostly I am posting, for I don't want to rely so much on my own understanding, just THINKING, maybe you (whoever you are) MIGHT glean something I haven't.  I can share, that this season, my emotions most certainly are coming alive, i guess they have been pretty dormant most of my life. I was always taught TO LOOK ON THE GOOD SIDE of everything, as well as ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL/ALWAYS. Shalom and GOD BLESS


  1. Confused slightly. Is this Your dream or Your sons?

  2. sorry, this is my sons dream. Twice the Lord has given one of my kids a dream of great importance. This one is sorta confusing, and if I am to get rid of it so be it. Shalom Wendy.


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