Another battle another Victory

Be still and know that I am God, Nicole.
It is hard to realize that "not" doing much of anything is warfare. Well i love birds and with most animals you feel/see movement in the bushes and know something is in there. BUT if something is very still they can sit there forever and you will never know they are behind those leaves/foliage.
I have share a little, and most that have been friends with me over the years have basically just dissolved, and I have not seen some for years. Most don't know how to deal with a wonderful woman who can "blank out" at most any moment.
About 10 days ago around the 10th of May, i contacted SOZO (here is their website)
I gave them my email and within 24 hours i had an application, and since they only minister 2 nights out of 7, it was explained there is a waiting list. I anticipate getting in before the end of June.  Also this church that ministers SOZO, is within 30 miles of my home. I was sorta grumpy for i had applied and  followed all the rules from the another place that did ministry/deliverance and never responded after i bought books, filled out apps etc. So often most of us get that way, grumpy for we "think" we know where we are to go. Then our lives play out and we look back and SEE how GOD directed us, and in the time, it didn't LOOK like the right way.
Within hours of getting on the list I started getting sick. I kept getting the words, signs & symptoms in my spirit. I was getting these symptoms of flu but something wasn't right. Instead of progressing, let me jump to today and looking back, i got everything from pain, to nausea, intense headache (not migraine) to insomnia.
I understand the spiritual side of stuff most of the time, and as i took authority i got relief. I wasn't stupid and did take medicine. Over the years i learned specific pains are demonic, and when i took authority, well it took some doing, but i did get victory. One day in particular, i hadn't slept and was wide awake, but could discern so clearly the Lord holding me, carrying me. One of my fears is not sleeping and i believe that is from what i learned happened to when i was an infant, and my birth mom worked at night (long story for another time).
So as i stayed in bed most of the week, i kept my bedroom window and curtain open, and i could see the birds. I feed them seeds, and have a couple of bird baths for them. I looked out occasionly and was so delighted to see lots of them just not worrying about anything. Matthew 6:26      Once i looked outside my window and there were more than a dozen house sparrows drinking. A few minutes passed and there was a dove, then some finches. I nearly started crying for I KNEW the LORD was just blessing me.
It was told of me this week, "Nicole, most people would have given up to have gone through what you have, I believe God is so happy with you."  Well besides my husband, i have not really anyone close to me. And even with a wonderful husband, GOD is still first.
Another scripture Holy Spirit shared and had me focus on was Matthew 6: 9-13:  as well as Psalm 23. I kept declaring those. I also had great peace, it was so hard and i would never want to go through it again. I do anticipate deliverance as i go to SOZO.
Well beloved ones, in conclusion, don't give up, be honest, realize the power you have in GOD and use it. I abhor warfare, but what choice do we have?
Wow this song just came on and it's me right now............... SHALOM and THANK YOU to those of you who have been praying for me.  You know who you are, been praying for you to have victory in places you haven't yet. Lord Move in me