Loving Creation, AND THE CREATOR

Well, yeah I have been procrastinating in regards to posting. I "like and want" to do things in order. BUT who decides what IS in order? What is "not" in order.......  So often "we humans, think ever so much and so much doesn't get done".   In sharing the previous, i now get to the subject matter.
This is my 2nd posting and I share that as a photographer/artist i basically focus on creation, be it bugs, flowers, birds, and landscapes. Of course i can take image/pictures of other stuff too, like vehicles, structures and people, but mostly nature items.  In this last season, i have thought carefully about growing up and that which i was used to, that which was common, i asked/tried to see it from a different perspective and did!  I see the fact that i was driven (on family vacations), all over America, to see National Parks, cities, places of interest, and lakes as well as specific mountains/canyons. It was also pointed out to me I believe by the Lord, what plants we had at the nearly dozen homes we lived in as i grew up. I remember flower names, birds, even some in neighbors yards. I share for so many of us have memories from childhood that are ever so important, and are there for a purpose. What happened to us, what we were exposed to, subject to, has ever so much effect on us as adults. We don't have to believe this, but when we do, truths will be revealed unto us, about the time we find ourselves in.  Most everything that is in, around, next to or  __________ us, has roots from our past. It doesn't have to be bad, and so many of think just that.  Ok, pick something you don't  like.  Got it?  Now ask this question, where did this start? What is the first memory I have of this?  I met a woman who didn't like to eat a specific fast food place and it was shared with me that something specific happened with their cooler, and had nothing to do with the preparation of the product. She never wanted to go there again, for the memory brought her such UGH emotion. I share this for nearly everyone i have ever met, has something they just can't stand.
What are your favorite colors, your least favorite   WHY?
Where do you enjoy going to relax and enjoy yourself?  WHY?
How do you drive (in the fast lane, .......)  WHY?
Do you like to ALWAYS check your email daily   WHY?

You can always ask/pray  Lord, WHO am I, What did YOU create me to be?
What is of YOU, am I who YOU created me to be?

Back to the places and stuff i loved growing up...........
Now that i realized GOD, made me to love the things I love, and am learning what isn't me, and letting go of it, well i have made greeting cards of some of the plants and flowers I love, and sell them.  I am learning what i truly don't like and getting rid of it. My prayer for you is, seek and pray and enjoy that which YOU love, which YOU enjoy. Get rid of that which YOU don't care for.  Take that first and front parking spot, get that 2nd scoop of ice cream and ENJOY IT. Take that tip, be it in word or deed, or even cash. Believe that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  PSALM 139.........Yep you were created in your mama's womb.