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Signs AND Symptoms

The goal here in my posting IS to share/teach that many a time that we have Signs and/or Symptoms in our bodies, and most if not all the time ASSUME we have an illness when (those of us that understand the spiritual side of life), in reality it is only an oppressive/possesive attack from the devil, enemy, the dark side of this world. Many don't accept that there is even an unseen side of life or this world.
            When a person comes through a situation, or experience times of darkness, spiritual warfare, illness, and many other facets of evil, they KNOW true freedom, victory, and Salvation in Christ Jesus.  So many that have illness's from simple conditions like Asthma, to terminal illness's as Cancer, don't understand that much, MUCH are stemmed from generational curses of what could be witchcraft, divination, and several other such things. One can be bitter, resentful over people/situations in thier life both past as well as present, and that can op…

Photography by Nicole N

DEBRA LOWE 10/10/12

In a vision I keep seeing a steak cooking. The Spirit says; the natural inclination is to cut off the fat before the steak has begun to cook, so many try to do the same spiritually. But as you begin to offer your lives on the altar, I leave the fat on, I leave and "let" the troubles, the trials, and the things that make you tender towards Me. All of those things that you would cut away, those are the things that I allow in your life to make you tender. Those very things that you would cut away are the very things that I use to cause you to draw closer to Me, to cause you to seek Me, to make you stand regardless. So that once you have gone through the difficult times, your faith will arise, and you will let nothing deter your heart from Me any longer. These are some of the things that I use, says the Lord, I use those things to build your God-character, the man and the woman that will be like Me.

So, even t…

Your Love Oh Lord - Third Day


Blood Moon October 8th 2014

Just a beautiful time as I awoke at 2:37 am this morning and had already slept 5 hours and looked out the window and noticed the eclipse had started!  I thought it was tonight....... and had misunderstood the fact that yes it was night time of October 8th, but at midnight the date changes, so if i hadn't woken up I would have missed it~  I don't have a huge lens and so that is why it is so small.  But I hope, declare, proclaim  I will get a better lens soon.   So here is the photograph ~~~~~~~  

Dance, Dance, Dance

Before I jump into the meat of this posting: I have been sorta secluded and going through &~(@!+)$#(, this last month and I discern it isn't over for most of us this season.  SOOOOOOO...... I do hear, discern the Lord communicating with me to DANCE, and that is something I would rather not do, it is very humbling to me, though humility is good. Guess it is time not to care about be humbled.  LOL.   Sooooooooo, I am connected with Glory of Zion, a church/ministry in Texas. .  I heard a song one sunday morning as John Dickson led it on his guitar. It was nice and several weeks later that song permeated my spirit/soul.  I don't have a video to share but here are the lyrics.....  and I share for many know how to dance and with all the warfare this season : Autumn 2014~~~, many of us should and better be a dancin!  Are you ready??  DANCE DANCE DANCE by John Dickson ©Glory of Zion
Dm C
Out of my darkness, out of my pain
Bb A
A fire is burning that …