Ever have a problem searching for the correct word to use? You just can't get a handle or noose around it. You know it is out there, but to grab hold of it seems impossible. Or how about the opposite?  Where a word comes into your brain and you don't know why! Well............................     Maybe it is the Holy Spirit sharing a new term to grasp hold of!  No two words are identical in meaning and maybe it is time to get the dictionary out.......................
Let me use these two examples that seem to be the same.   BUG/INSECT
It seems to me that these words are interchangeable and so i looked them up and here we go............
Bug.......................   an insect or other creeping or crawling invertebrate (as a spider or centipede)
Insect...............  a small animal that has six legs and a body formed of 3 part, and may have wings.  
I always thought these words were interchangeable until now. I know we all use words we don't realize are incorrect BUT ladies and gentlemen, WORDS HAVE SO MUCH POWER!!! God created by SPEAKING this planet, the universe into existence!  So let me share this now......... How many of us say this little Idiom: sick and tired.  Do you realize you are speaking out/calling into existence that you are sick and you are tired.  That is not the best to speak out over yourself.  How about saying you are well and refreshed, even if you don't feel 100%, and after a short while, you ARE well and refreshed.  Be so aware of your words, your terminology, and know you most certainly can do a word study in scripture to learn of the examples of terminology, of words , etc.  I bet you hadn't heard/known of the word idiom. This is the definition of idiom: 
1.a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words (e.g., rain cats and dogs, see the light ).

Just thought you would like to know that a reason you might be having problems, is because of your own idioms!
BE aware and whatsoever things are GOOD, yes think on these things, but speak them as well. Philippians 4:8.