Is God talking to you, and you never noticed??

Soooooooooooooooooo, much has been happening be it in the spiritual side of my life and I thought it was just the physical side of life.  I have read ever so many books in my life, and here in this last season the Lord has been prompting to read not only specific books, but just READ some books.  So I picked up re-ordering your day by Chuck Pierce, and though it was written several years
ago, it is for today in ever so many ways. I have been awakening at night, and just DON'T want to get up, but last night did, and ended up sleeping the rest of the night on the couch. The first hour, I was praying, and I think declaring. I only was finishing the 2nd chapter and twas on my heart to start over again, for there were tidbits of glorious/revelational information, and yep I found them. HERE is the first one:   We all have senses, and God speaks as well as does the enemy, but, BUT, we can discern ever so much through our senses; be it good/evil. 
So often I get pain in my body, and when I was in the nursing profession, there was a term called signs/symptoms. Holy Spirit has been giving me many signs/symptoms and yet has been communicating to me, that I don't have the condition of those signs/symptoms.  Does that make sense to you?  I then noticed on my Facebook wall, another woman was having this same situation, in her life. She was having pains, but not the condition. The Lord let her know as well, the same thing, but with more clarity. She was to be praying for someone as she felt those pains.  Now this is where the blessing of speaking in tongues comes in. So often we "might" not know what to pray, but know TO PRAY. "lol" 
Let's move on to color and leave the pains behind.  Has a color ever gotten your attention, or maybe you didn't realize that it was the color till the end of the day.  Example, you saw a yellow car, that really got your attention. Later while shopping  you were drawn to some beautiful yellow roses, and bought them. Coming home you noticed a woman wearing some beautiful yellow clothing, and then after coming home you picked up the mail and received some mail with a yellow envelope. Many Christians don't realize that God speaks like this. WELL?  How many times do we say God never speaks to me. ONE, we need to learn the language of our God/Creator.
Soooooooooo,  Yellow can mean a multitude of things, and most of the time it means either joy or fear. 
Again let me share something of great importance. So many go to school/college for years JUST to learn, Learn, LEARN. But how many of us really try and LEARN how to understand and converse with Our God.
Most colors usually have two basically meanings, and then there are times that let's say yellow was a color that when growing up you noticed, and it was the color of maybe your bedroom/linens.  Maybe the Lord is showing you HE was there when you were growing up though you never felt him.
So that is it for today, maybe next time, I will share about numbers. Please feel free to ask any questions.  Shalom