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Cornell Lab Bird Cams | Virtual Bird Watching at its Best!

I just went back and read my previous postings and I am so aware of the fact that the Lord is so pleased with me. Most of us would never admit this openly for we are so hard on ourselves, and that is because so often, either our parents or those teachers, etc have been hard and/or critical on us.  The time i shared of in May of not sleeping well, and just tired, and nauseated, well that is over. Then i discerned it was time to start a fast of two weeks. IKE'S, no coffee, and no facebook, oh my gosh!!!  Then i again discerned, what is more important to you Nicole, freedom or crutches, hobbies etc?  So the fast began. I have never been on such a unique fast. I need to stop and share, one thing that is pretty strong in me, is the fact i do hear the Lord / Holy Spirit daily. Not audibly, just discernment.  I have had some awesome dreams too, revelational dreams too.  So the fast begun and my diet changed, but what also shifted was I was aware of what "things" I could do, or …