I KNOW this, that THAT which I have been battling with is OVER WITH! Healing is still in progress but ALL the Chains from that ISSUE are over. It's time to go and do once more. I quit doing ever so much, and have dwelt in "self this", and "self that", oh of course self pity too. I am to no longer gaze behind, though "stuff" still needs to be dealt with, you know like when you have been hurt, the surgery is over and now it's time to rehabilitate, and honestly, even that is almost done as well. My focus shall be with the present, with God, and whatsoever things are good. In this world, we so often focus on the bad and the ugly, and forget the good. So this day and it surely is cold as well as a dark time of year, for the shortest day is coming up, well THEN things in our lives will be getting brighter and brighter. REALLY! MY CHAINS ARE GONE!!