Jumping back in~~

It  has been over a year, nearly two since i actively used my camera. Since i don't drive, I am basically stuck at home and recently acquired a bike and need to get a basket or backpack so as to be able to take snacks, camera and my binoculars OUT THERE.  I used to go to nearby parks, sanctuaries, and other nature places, weekly, and had such a wonderful time with God alone. I probably have over 10,000 images/pictures in my external hard drive and/or computer from the last almost 10 years of travel; instate and out of state.  Those who know me, also know i have a self-published book and sell my photography here in San Diego and online. For nearly my entire life i have went, gone, traveled short and long distances to do what I like, and here in the last few years have been pretty restricted to home and mostly i garden and clean the house. I still get out "there" as I can get rides.  So in this last week, I truly discern I have and will get back out "there" be it on my new bike, (not motorcycle), and via some new aquaintences, who enjoy getting out "there".
Yesterday was a delight as well, for in the past i would always have my camera with me, but here at home, it stays mostly on the shelf. BUT in this last week, i have "felt", "seen", "known", it's time to get it out again, keep it charged and ready to go. I have gotten some new pictures but yesterday I noticed greatly at two different times; once being a damselfly and once a dragonfly, both in my yard, as well as flying through without landing. I used to notice them all the time, but in the last season, rarely.  I also discern that though I have focused on specific business's to offer my work for sale, i will keep mail stores, parks, re-sale shops, but will "notice", "discern" new business types to put my photography, book, posters, greeting cards etc. in.  I know that for ever so many of us it is time to think beyond where and what we have done, where we usually go, and go into new places, new types of places and not rely on our own understanding so much. As a christian, I try ever so much to do a Proverbs 3:  Trust in the Lord with "all"  your heart, rely "not" on your own understanding. In "all" your ways acknowledge Him and He "will" make your paths "straight".  
So often we do it in our typical way and it doesn't work out.  It is hard, ( I know), to let go of a usual way one will do something; the usual way we go somewhere, ETC    Even it is hard at times to try new foods.... So i encourage you today, this season to not do things in the usual way. Also to encourage one another instead of being so critical and complaining... (yeah I know you never do).    Here are the two new images I got here yesterday.  YEAH.                                                                                                                  Shalom to you this day and hour......


  1. Wow! Great pic!! For a whole year my go to verse was Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding! This year it is Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God. Love the blog, love the update. Have a blessed day.

  2. Love you WENDY!! Shalom honey~~~


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