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Moon, Venus, Mercury on February 6 |

Moon, Venus, Mercury on February 6 | Let the crescent moon guide you to Mercury as darkness wanes toward dawn on Saturday, February 6. And see all 5 planets before dawn!

The Old Nicole is gone, the new Nicole is here!

It is very hard to describe the fact of being someone all your life, and that person isn't you. To live under a false identity is sort of hard to explain.  Over the last few years, well I have had new senses come to birth. Especially this month and this week especially my senses have certainly changed/intensified beyond description.  I honestly am amazed that I am even alive from what I have come through without emotion. For now simple joy is astronomically intense to me. Simple sorrow feels like someone has died. This blog post is a spiritual step of faith and obedience and I know many are  having their BREAKTHROUGH of a lifetime as well this month/week/season. ABBA, I pray that I will take the time to get to know myself in a new way, and accept, love, and enjoy myself. Thank you especially for the little goldfinches that YOU SENT to my yard this last week. That was and is such a wonderful present!!!   They have been all over the yard, and sitting in the ~~~~Blue Potato BushRoyal…