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A time to learn........................

Here recently I have been hit by a demonic spirit, and thought that because it overcame me in an area, that there was an area THAT I had not given to God, and I am a "why" person, so just couldn't grasp why since I have been saved since 1977, that a spirit could still be in possession somehow. It has been revealed to me, that what I experienced last week, was not possession, but just oppression. Some christian friends/acquaintances, have let me know that I shouldn't be having these issues in my life.
The last couple of days, I have grasped of the Lord, that I like to "do, do, do"; things.  I also abhor waiting, I like to DO so I don't have to wait. Many a time in the past, when I wait, that which I wait on, rarely comes to pass, unless I chase after it! I am grasping with the fear of the Lord on it, to wait and  let GOD Do, for if I do, well , I don't want to know what could happen. Many of God's people are in a time of intense testing by HIM, an…

Northwest Prophetic: I Heard John Wimber Declare: “Come Again Holy Spirit!”