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John Elefante - "This Time" (OFFICIAL VIDEO @JohnElefante)

John Elefante - "This Time" (OFFICIAL VIDEO @JohnElefante)

George Beverly Shea - How Great Thou Art ( 1969 )

שיטפון במפל התחתון בנחל צין, סרטון שצולם על ידי אסף יגבס, מדהים

GOD'S NOT DEAD - Official Movie Website


It has been years since I studied scripture. For over 10 years I haven't even grazed through the pastures of Scripture recently. Late in 2013, I "knew, discerned" that is was time to get back into the Holy Word of God again.  I nibbled and that was about it. A side note is that I have been being purged of so much ugly spiritual crap, and that has been my focus ever since it started a little less than 10 years ago.  I went looking for a notebook of mine and found over half a dozen notebooks FULL of studies from Esther to Habakkuk.  I went to church yesterday and even had to have a neighbor drive me there. 
Where I attend there is a man who usually teaches/preaches and it twasn't his week to this, so our head guy  pastor/teacher taught us and taught about Holy Spirit.  He shared a lot of what I already grasped but needed refreshing.  He also shared that he was only going to share a percentage of scriptures for he wanted us to do some homework and not just sit and absor…