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The song of the Killdeer............

Those who know me, know I love creation, AND have a love affair (properly correlated), to birds. So often the Lord will bring, be it a bug, bird, or maybe just a flower, and the color, size, sound, will minister to me.  I do interpret dreams, and most everything has a spiritual significance to it.  So it is, with the sound/call of the Killdeer. I still don't totally grasp it, but not many birds are out at night, but you can most certainly hear the killdeer. I share the link as well above so you can listen and hear this delightful creature.  All animals/birds included have their habitat domain, and ever so many birds, just love open grassy area.  They can see movement, bugs with their incredible eyesight!  Make sure you check out the link I attached..................................

Killdeer, Sounds, All About Birds - Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The Way Of The Warrior (Live) by Graham Cooke (+playlist)

He has most certainly tried me "and"..................................................

For years I have been drawn to the book of Job............   The first time was when I was much younger (maybe 20 years ago), and I ordered my name NICOLE, (which I LOVE),  on a plaque, and the scripture was from Job.  Job 23:11 to be exact; and the verse speaks this:  My foot has held to His steps; I have kept His way, and  have not turned aside.                                                                             I then check out my name as well on the internet and it is of French origin. I also go to a number of websites and each one say nearly the same thing about Nicole.  It means victorious one, victory of the people, and victorious spirit. The scripture given in many a place is again from the same book/chapter, and is the very verse before this one:  But He knows the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold. Job 23:10.
In the next season, I learn about the fact how GOD knows/KNOWS I will succeed and overcome, all that has tried to come against m…


Not many things can make a mom more happier than to see her kids/offspring!!!    Especially as they are grown and living their own lives, and paying their own bills!   I declare that I get to see ALL my kids this very week!  My Coast Guard kid, My First born kid, and my United States Marine kid.  Yes a United States Marine can be a kid, but only their mom's kid.  Yippee!  Thank YOU, LORD for a bountiful group of men/kids a percentage of each!  I lift up this next 2 weeks of having some TIME with the 3 amigos/ hombre's that I was blessed in birthing!    This is just a short posting, but so strategic!!  I declare that this family of mine will ALL serve GOD the Creator of each of them/us!  PSALM 139!!    YEAH GOD!!!  I invite you to pray/declare for all of us.  Thank you!
By the way the older man is the dad/father of all three hombres!   Next 3 postings will be of each of them!!!   SHALOM!!!!

Photography by Nicole N