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What is "IT" that the LORD IS trying/attempt to have overcome you?  What is "IT" that you haven't let HIM do? What is "IT" that is probably right in front of you, and you don't even realize "IT" is there?               Deep breath.......
As christian's we know/realize alot, but do we experience,encounter and let "IT" and us be so one, that you can't separate the two.
So it "IT" forgiving yourself and/or others?  Does forgiveness need to overcome you like a wave, maybe even a Tsunami?  Or how about anger?  When one forgives so often anger goes out as the wave does.
Maybe you are a forgiving person, but you have walls up and won't let the Lord, let alone others love you! So often in both these areas (and many more) we actually lie to ourselves (thinking it is the truth), but we rely on our own understanding, instead of trusting God and His love for us.
So now let me humble myself and get all gooey (in front…

Favorites Songs that I love.


Henrietta Maye . . . .

Well ladies and gentlemen:
There are those who have never known nor met me. Then there are those of you that are acquainted with me  somewhat. There are those of you who are friends, AND THEN there are those who have stayed in my life through it all.  Some of you know (not many), that i have an unusual pet; a California Desert Tortoise. I acquired her several years back from a reliable source. As soon as i acquired her, I joined CDT of San Diego so as to find out, what to feed her, what not to feed her. I made sure i planted some good flowers for her and made sure as well to get rid off all the ugh/fatal plants, so as to have tortoise friendly yard. LOL~~
Years have passed and she nestled into a spot in the yard seasonally. Each autumn, late towards winter here in southern California, she would go into her hibernation. I would then bring her into the house and tuck her into a box, wrapped in some old clean cloths. Winter would pass and Spring would arrive, and i would hear her move so…

Don't give up!

Here in San Diego we have ever so many Red Crowned Parrots! Many years ago, it has been communicated that wild parrots were brought up from their homeland, from where they were born. At that time it was alright to bring these birds, and now it is banned. So has any of you been taken from where you originated, where you began, and taken, stolen, abandoned, or _________, and then over the years, are in a completely different place, than where you started out at, and honestly you didn't move, you were moved.  But you know what, YOU, yes YOU, have persevered, but one thing "we" must do, is quit staring at the past. It is ok, to be aware of, glance back, but "we" need to quit staring at the past. 
Yesterday i was watering our front yard, and heard the familiar sound of those parrots, and such joy came all over me. I kept thinking that once they lived in their native land, (Central America), and was captured, brought up here and caged. But somehow they got free, they …