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Introducing Nicole Ramirez
Hello my name is Nicole and it mean victory of the people, victorious one, and it origin is from Greece.
I am a photographer, author, as well as an artist. This is my first posting here in my blog, and over the next season, i will share from several different subjects so as to encourage you.  One goal I have and intend to accomplish is to share the trials, traumas, and just hard times that i have come through, that i made it this far and you can too.
So, let me start with as i said above....  My name is Nicole. I am adopted and found out as i was raised by my adoptive parents, that my name was given to my by my biological dad. I was born in the 50's, and even though now in the 21st century, when i was growing up there was not one other Nicole i even met, heard of, be it in my life or on television. I never heard the name Nicole anywhere at all.
I was raised by Mr & Mrs Stickler, my adoptive parents, and they adopted another kid, this time a boy, and now i had a brother. We moved ever so much and so i never really got established in a neighborhood, all but for once. 
My dad acquired cancer and died of it when i was 11. We moved back to Pennsylvania, so he could say goodbye to his blood family before he died. After his death we came back to California, and settled in
San Diego County, the home of my moms sister.  We settled in an rural area of the Eastern County, and we stayed in one place, and it was nice to go to one school my entire high school years.
Of course i saw some cute looking guys, and sorta would follow them around. Another guy became aware of me, especially as i started to go to sports events to take pictures. I decided to take photography, for i needed credits to graduate, and that seemed different and maybe fun.  By the end of my junior year, i started dating this guy who was watching me. He graduated that year and 2 years later i then graduated.  He then moved and got his own apartment and i invited myself to move in. Within several months a very good friend of mine, had a dream, and because of the dream, she begged me to watch Billy Graham crusade that weekend on the t.v. (i had gone to his crusades growing up, and watched his crusades lots of times).  So the weekend came and it was December of 1977. I watched the crusade and ended up curled up on the floor crying at the end when the invitation to accept Christ was given. Well that very night, i couldn't go to bed with my boyfriend, i just KNEW it was not good anymore. So i slept in the walk in closet. Within the next week, i moved home with my mom. (she now only had a one bedroom apartment, and my brother had left home).  Within several months my boyfriend whose name was Charles, well he came to invite me out on a date once again, and shared with me he was saved now.  Within 5 months i was engaged, and we got married in June 1979.
I got pregnant nearly immediately and had a son in June of 1980 and named him charles as well. I now called my husband Charlie. The next 20 years were basically 2 more kids, who were boys, and several apartments too.
In 2002 my mom died, and within a year i started looking for my birth mom.  It was (I think) in 2005 that i found my birth dad. I found him for i had always known we had the new paper article in which it was shared the details of my situation..........
Details will be given in the next posting on my blog...........

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Henrietta Maye . . . .

Well ladies and gentlemen:
There are those who have never known nor met me. Then there are those of you that are acquainted with me  somewhat. There are those of you who are friends, AND THEN there are those who have stayed in my life through it all.  Some of you know (not many), that i have an unusual pet; a California Desert Tortoise. I acquired her several years back from a reliable source. As soon as i acquired her, I joined CDT of San Diego so as to find out, what to feed her, what not to feed her. I made sure i planted some good flowers for her and made sure as well to get rid off all the ugh/fatal plants, so as to have tortoise friendly yard. LOL~~
Years have passed and she nestled into a spot in the yard seasonally. Each autumn, late towards winter here in southern California, she would go into her hibernation. I would then bring her into the house and tuck her into a box, wrapped in some old clean cloths. Winter would pass and Spring would arrive, and i would hear her move somewhat and take her out to the yard, and watch her carefully for a few days, until she was pretty independent and totally out of hibernation. About 5 years ago, she started burrowing and come winter she had dug deep enough and the time of hibernation came and when she didn't come out of her borough after
3-4 days, i would cover her borough up until springtime.
This last spring she came out of hibernation and delighted herself as usual.  One day I came out and she was gone!!  I couldn't find  here and then saw she had gone out the gate  :(   "sad face"
Days passed and the neighbors found her in their yard and so i realized she somehow got under the fence to their backyard. I brought her back and after about 24 hours I noticed she just wasn't acting her usual reptile self.
Within 24 hours I figured out that a squirrel had pretty much taken over her borough, and she didn't want back in it. Squirrels are ok, but not when it comes to taking over another's home, place of residence. Within another 24 hours when i went to feed her, as I left her food, I didn't see her. I went to look around and again she wasn't to be found. SIGH~~
Days passed and a little over a week later, i went out to check to sit in my yard chair towards sundown and there she was right in front of our living room window. I was astounded! Tortoise's don't know there way around the neighborhood and after a week she came back??  I picked her up and put her in  the backyard and fed her. The next day again she wasn't to be found. I had made sure the side gates were shut and after sundown, pretty much said good bye.  It has been over 2 weeks and to no avail, she certainly seems to be gone.  :(   During this time I prayed and 1.gave her to the Lord and just decided to focus elsewhere, if she will come back she will. I don't need to be all bent out of shape over some tortoise.  2. Spiritually took authority over the squirrel and said it had no authority, no place of residence in my backyard.
So now, I am getting other things done better. Cleaning out the kitchen, organizing my books for business, doing lots of yard~work which I have neglected over the past season, and even back into the WORD/BIBLE better than in a long time. I got several trash cans full of weeds so as to do a bit of landscaping. Yesterday August 10th, 2013, I was weeding in some perennial area of the backyard and
I noticed far more grass growing in the Lantana, and Shasta Daisies. As i was pulling all that grass and
some weeds up, I noticed something that looked like stone under these perennials.
IT WAS HENRIETTA MAYE!!  I thought, "you got to be kidding right"?   So though she actually looked as if she was hibernating, i prayed that she would be ok, and finished the weeding.  I got up this morning and put some of her favorite foods out and touched her feet. About an hour later she was up and ready to eat!
YOU KNOW WHAT~~ ??  Now she has shifted/changed to a different part of the yard, that is the season we are all in. It is time to shift, to change. Figure out what needs to shift, what needs to change and JUST DO IT, OR LET IT HAPPEN. Also many of us have something that steals and robs from us from our past. (a squirrel in the back yard), take authority in the name of Jesus and kick it out. Thank you and Shalom         If you have ANY questions (for some won't understand some of what I am sharing)........ Just ask!!

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