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Introducing Nicole Ramirez
Hello my name is Nicole and it mean victory of the people, victorious one, and it origin is from Greece.
I am a photographer, author, as well as an artist. This is my first posting here in my blog, and over the next season, i will share from several different subjects so as to encourage you.  One goal I have and intend to accomplish is to share the trials, traumas, and just hard times that i have come through, that i made it this far and you can too.
So, let me start with as i said above....  My name is Nicole. I am adopted and found out as i was raised by my adoptive parents, that my name was given to my by my biological dad. I was born in the 50's, and even though now in the 21st century, when i was growing up there was not one other Nicole i even met, heard of, be it in my life or on television. I never heard the name Nicole anywhere at all.
I was raised by Mr & Mrs Stickler, my adoptive parents, and they adopted another kid, this time a boy, and now i had a brother. We moved ever so much and so i never really got established in a neighborhood, all but for once. 
My dad acquired cancer and died of it when i was 11. We moved back to Pennsylvania, so he could say goodbye to his blood family before he died. After his death we came back to California, and settled in
San Diego County, the home of my moms sister.  We settled in an rural area of the Eastern County, and we stayed in one place, and it was nice to go to one school my entire high school years.
Of course i saw some cute looking guys, and sorta would follow them around. Another guy became aware of me, especially as i started to go to sports events to take pictures. I decided to take photography, for i needed credits to graduate, and that seemed different and maybe fun.  By the end of my junior year, i started dating this guy who was watching me. He graduated that year and 2 years later i then graduated.  He then moved and got his own apartment and i invited myself to move in. Within several months a very good friend of mine, had a dream, and because of the dream, she begged me to watch Billy Graham crusade that weekend on the t.v. (i had gone to his crusades growing up, and watched his crusades lots of times).  So the weekend came and it was December of 1977. I watched the crusade and ended up curled up on the floor crying at the end when the invitation to accept Christ was given. Well that very night, i couldn't go to bed with my boyfriend, i just KNEW it was not good anymore. So i slept in the walk in closet. Within the next week, i moved home with my mom. (she now only had a one bedroom apartment, and my brother had left home).  Within several months my boyfriend whose name was Charles, well he came to invite me out on a date once again, and shared with me he was saved now.  Within 5 months i was engaged, and we got married in June 1979.
I got pregnant nearly immediately and had a son in June of 1980 and named him charles as well. I now called my husband Charlie. The next 20 years were basically 2 more kids, who were boys, and several apartments too.
In 2002 my mom died, and within a year i started looking for my birth mom.  It was (I think) in 2005 that i found my birth dad. I found him for i had always known we had the new paper article in which it was shared the details of my situation..........
Details will be given in the next posting on my blog...........

Friday, July 29, 2016

Deborah and the bee . . . . . .

I am sharing the scriptures from the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.


     I see so often in life, I see such life and it is interpreted from the spiritual to physical and from physical observations, to spiritual understandings.  This posting is over the fact that for several days; I have been doing my A.M. devotions and upon doing them, I see much activity in my yard of birds, insects and more.   So, these last few days, a honeybee keeps visiting me, and now has been landing in my soda can from the night before.  Starting a couple of days ago, I took some of the left over soda and put it in a small little cup (left over from cat food), and upon getting up, sitting down with my bible and doing my devotions, this honeybee each morning, comes to where I sit, and drinks any thing in that little container. I took some photos and now share with you!
I also want to share, that over the last 3 days (July 26th - 29th) :  New species of birds and more, have visited my yard.   Thank You, Abba!!!  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Before God ever formed us in our mothers’ wombs, He knew us. In other words, before He even brought us forth He had fully determined who we are and established our identity in Him.                          One of the most important weapons of warfare we have in any battle is our God-given identity. When we allow God to reveal to us who we truly are, and we choose to believe Him, we can live from that identity and trust God to back it up and bring it about. When we know who we are to God, with God, and for God, we can enter any situation or circumstance confident that we will see victory, because we are walking out the destiny God created us for, called us to, and has empowered us to step into.                                                                                                  The Life of the Son
The Father models this to us in the life of His Son. When Jesus emerged from the waters of His baptism, the Father proclaimed Jesus’ identity. The Father declared that Jesus is a “Beloved Son” in whom the Father is “fully pleased.” Before Jesus stepped into any ministry or any confrontations with the enemy ; He knew who He was.God-given identity is so powerful that the enemy will do all he can to come against it. He tried to attack Jesus’ identity in the wilderness and get Him to question if He really was God’s Son. But Jesus refused to be shaken. He refused to let go of the identity His Father had declared over Him. He was so rooted and grounded in who He was to, for, and with the Father that at times He simply declared His true God-given identity and the enemy was completely overpowered by it (John 18:6).Jesus was the firstborn of many children (Romans 8:29), and because of the amazing gift of His sacrifice you are now one of those children. Just like He did with His Son Jesus, the Father wants to declare over you, His precious child, who you truly are.It is critical in this hour that we dig into the Word and posture ourselves before the Father’s heart so that we can allow Him to show us who we truly are. You are a new creation in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). You are not who you were. You are who He created you to be. When we know and embrace our God-given identity, we can nullify the lies of the enemy and cast down every temptation and vain imagination that does not line up with who and what God says we truly are.Knowing your God-given identity is a key weapon for victory in this hour.There is Victory in Identity!When David went into battle against Goliath he confidently carried a weapon that was key to his victory. More than the sling in his hand, more than the five stones in his pouch, the weapon David wielded was his God-given identity.In 1 Samuel 17, when David showed up at the battlefield to take on Goliath, no one thought of him as a warrior. At that point he was really only known to the world as a musician in Saul’s court. But David did not let the world determine his identity. He knew the Lord had anointed him to be a leader, victor, and protector of Israel. He knew that God had been training him for war while he had been caring for the sheep of his father’s flock (1 Samuel 17:34-37). It didn’t matter if the world knew who he was at this point. David knew who he was – because he chose to believe what God had declared over him. That’s why he was ready for the battle and able to step into the victory.  When his older brother belittled him, telling him he had no business being among the warriors since he was just an insignificant little shepherd (1 Samuel 17:28), David held tightly to who God had told him he was. When King Saul dismissed him as “only a boy” (1 Samuel 17:33), David clung to his God-given identity. And when the enemy tried to humiliate and intimidate him, David confidently declared who his God was and reiterated who he was with his God. He battled from his God-given identity, a key to stepping into victory.  When the world tried to tell David who he was, he didn’t pay attention. When the people around him tried to tell him who he was, he ignored them. And when the enemy tried to tell him who he was, he corrected him. David was confident in who he was, because he was confident in his God who had declared his identity to him.David knew and trusted the Lord, so he knew he could trust what the Lord had told him about himself.  David’s identity was not determined by his circumstances, by others, and certainly not by the enemy. It was determined by God. If we truly trust our God, we will truly trust that we are who He says we are. We will live from that identity, and we will see victory.  Don’t Limit Yourself!  In addition to the voices of the world, people around you, and the enemy, there is one other voice that can come against your God-given identity. You!Sometimes it is our own voice inside our heads that tries to convince us we are not who God says we are. Think of Gideon in Judges 6. The Lord declared to Gideon that he was a “mighty man of valor” and that he would be the rescuer of his people. Gideon’s initial response was, “Not me!” He then went on to list all the reasons he could not possibly be a mighty man or a hero amongst his people. Gideon had been so beaten down by the Midianites (the enemy) over the years that he could not bring himself to believe what the Lord told him about who he was. But God is so faithful, so loving, so kind, and so good at declaring to us who we really are; He took Gideon past his own doubts and empowered him to step into his true God-given identity. He can do the same for each of us. Who You Really Are! The world will try to tell you who you are. People around you will try to tell you who you are. The enemy will try to tell you who you are. They might even cite facts about your past or your present to try to convince you that they’re right. Don’t listen to any of it. Don’t listen to any voice that tries to tell you that you are anything other than who God says you are. Before God formed you in your mother’s womb He knew you (Jeremiah 1:5). God knows all about you, but He wants you to know, too. He wants to share with you who you truly are so that you can cast off any remnant of false identity the world, others, or the enemy have placed upon you, and start to live from your God-given identity. Take time this month to get with God and let Him speak to you about you. Ask Him who you are. Ask Him how He sees you. Ask Him what He created you for. Ask Him to declare over you your God-given identity. You are going to be amazed by who you really are!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Do you focus looking vertically OR horizontally?

I was reading a blog posting from a brother in the Lord ~~ Joe Dawson.  It is exactly what I have been doing as of late. With all the activity on this planet and I am sure in the universe we live in, most of us spend more time focused on the that evil, rather than focused on the good, (and yes there is good in many places, just take time to LOOK for it).  So often when signing into social media, I see people posting dozens of items of the negative activity all around, and just think if we posted declarations, scriptures and an occasional news article. I have read before...........                                                          Finally brothers/sisters in the Lord, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virture, and if there be any praise, think on THESE THINGS!
Phillippians 4:8
Now here is the article that shares in detail about what/how to focus on. Please Read it.