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Introducing Nicole Ramirez
Hello my name is Nicole and it mean victory of the people, victorious one, and it origin is from Greece.
I am a photographer, author, as well as an artist. This is my first posting here in my blog, and over the next season, i will share from several different subjects so as to encourage you.  One goal I have and intend to accomplish is to share the trials, traumas, and just hard times that i have come through, that i made it this far and you can too.
So, let me start with as i said above....  My name is Nicole. I am adopted and found out as i was raised by my adoptive parents, that my name was given to my by my biological dad. I was born in the 50's, and even though now in the 21st century, when i was growing up there was not one other Nicole i even met, heard of, be it in my life or on television. I never heard the name Nicole anywhere at all.
I was raised by Mr & Mrs Stickler, my adoptive parents, and they adopted another kid, this time a boy, and now i had a brother. We moved ever so much and so i never really got established in a neighborhood, all but for once. 
My dad acquired cancer and died of it when i was 11. We moved back to Pennsylvania, so he could say goodbye to his blood family before he died. After his death we came back to California, and settled in
San Diego County, the home of my moms sister.  We settled in an rural area of the Eastern County, and we stayed in one place, and it was nice to go to one school my entire high school years.
Of course i saw some cute looking guys, and sorta would follow them around. Another guy became aware of me, especially as i started to go to sports events to take pictures. I decided to take photography, for i needed credits to graduate, and that seemed different and maybe fun.  By the end of my junior year, i started dating this guy who was watching me. He graduated that year and 2 years later i then graduated.  He then moved and got his own apartment and i invited myself to move in. Within several months a very good friend of mine, had a dream, and because of the dream, she begged me to watch Billy Graham crusade that weekend on the t.v. (i had gone to his crusades growing up, and watched his crusades lots of times).  So the weekend came and it was December of 1977. I watched the crusade and ended up curled up on the floor crying at the end when the invitation to accept Christ was given. Well that very night, i couldn't go to bed with my boyfriend, i just KNEW it was not good anymore. So i slept in the walk in closet. Within the next week, i moved home with my mom. (she now only had a one bedroom apartment, and my brother had left home).  Within several months my boyfriend whose name was Charles, well he came to invite me out on a date once again, and shared with me he was saved now.  Within 5 months i was engaged, and we got married in June 1979.
I got pregnant nearly immediately and had a son in June of 1980 and named him charles as well. I now called my husband Charlie. The next 20 years were basically 2 more kids, who were boys, and several apartments too.
In 2002 my mom died, and within a year i started looking for my birth mom.  It was (I think) in 2005 that i found my birth dad. I found him for i had always known we had the new paper article in which it was shared the details of my situation..........
Details will be given in the next posting on my blog...........

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Could/Should but don't...........................

I read the following and was overcome with emotion..................


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This is the call you have been waiting for.................

I was folding some laundry, and watching a show my husband was. I don't watch much of anything but birds, and bugs/ creation that is.  Charlie (my husband), heard the phone ring, but I did not, and he spoke as he left the room, "this is the call you (Nicole) have been waiting for". LOL   So he answered the phone and it was my Therapist/prayer coach/ Counselor . . . . . http://www.breakthru2u.com/    Well by the time the conversation was over, and she prayed for me, it was sweet. I am learning more than I can fathom and discern more is coming.  I also was directed to watch Graham Cooke,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-AIiLWrH7I   I think it so interesting that ever so many learn on a consistent basis, but when intense times come, be it financial, physical, or ever so many ways, we either can/will drowned, give up, give in, or become hard as a rock be it with the Lord, people, or most anything.  Take time to sit/be still/ just take some time and turn off the computer, stay home and sit out in the back yard, and be still. I love to spend time under my pergola / shown below.                The Lord wants to speak to us, let us be still and wait for the answer ...........................  Shalom

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I AM FREE................

Good day to you!  I bless you with breakthrough, joy, peace, and oh so much more this day!  It is a  new day, the past is gone, and put behind me to stay.  I awoke today and wrote down my dreams. I pray as I seek the Lord for interpretation, that I will understand greater and greater the dream language I our lives. I dream a lot and know the Lord speaks a lot through dreams.
Today is wonderful and I got up had my bowl of cereal, got my binoculars and bible with me under the pergola in my backyard. I love the morning as well as outdoors. I open most windows every morning and even sleep with our bedroom window open often.
I have been watching some of Graham Cook Videos, here in a link to one of the several of his teachings.  This particular one is one of five and I still haven't completed the five and am so radically seeing stuff in a totally different way.    Living in our true identity/ Graham Cooke
Ok, back to sitting under my pergola and breakfast. I have quiet times with the Lord occasionally, but this a.m, I was discerning GOD/ABBA, not Jesus the Son. Anyway, I could feel Greatly/Intensely Him there standing directly in front of me, speaking to me.  I was praying (talking to HIM), and was apologizing for not realizing the error of my ways. AND all I was getting of HIM, was positive affirmation, of all the good I had done, that so many would have given up, and I hadn't. This went on for several minutes and of course this was intimate, so I won't share anymore. But the LOVE I am feeling is more intense than ever before.
I noticed the time, and realized  Glory of Zion (church in Texas), was on, so I got on the internet and watched it.  www.gloryofzion.org  It was awesome, and Dutch Sheets was the speaker of the day. He was teaching on Passover, and he was sharing, People, it is time to put the past behind you, it is time to cross over and just shared all the details most would not think of when it is time to cross over the River.  Tear down those memorials of the past and move on. After the service was done, I took my flags and went over to the park so as to dance/declare/etc  and did so.  I usually use flags, and rarely dance without them, but there are those times as well. I have done flags all over my yard as well.  Most of the time at church though. So this day is the end to much and the beginning to much more.
In closing, I am going to go and learn MORE about Passover and what one is to do, to eat etc!  A new day is here and it is time to embrace her.    Shalom~~~

Monday, April 7, 2014

Numbers, Birds, and more................

I shared before about colors and hope you enjoyed, and even learned some tidbits on this topic.  I am looking forward to hearing testimonies of what colors, numbers mean to you. What and How God communicates to you ................
So here we go for my weekend was unique and awesome. A wonderful cousin contacted me and asked me, Hey Nicole, I want to come pick you up and take you anywhere you want to go. (I thought about South America, but didn't want to pack and get a passport, so close a nearby park).  LOL  We arrive (oh by the way we are both photographers). We get to t he lake and the first thing I notice is they had to cut some beautiful trees down, so as to put in a skate park :(   oh well,  S I G H............
We park and I see the water level is down for our low/drought condition of a season.  :(     I start telling myself to LOOK for the good.  So we start walking and I start hearing those lake/water birds like red winged blackbirds, common yellow throat warblers, some common geese, mallard, American coots, and so much more.  I, well OH my gosh, I feel like I am back home again.  (another story for another time).  We continue to walk and I see those cool white pelicans!  American White Pelicans! I get some cool shots and then they take off and fly, soar, and for the rest of the day, they just seem to become the focal point and subject of the day for both Roseanne and I.  I take my time and just stand behind some reeds and see what "might" peek out of there and sure enough I get to see those little warblers I shared earlier of: Common Yellowthroat warblers. I see some cool herons, and those delightful dancing egrets too. My eyes follow the egrets and see they are making their nests in the tall Eucalyptus trees by the Library. I never knew there were so many nest in such a few trees. WOW! Walking, I get close the end of the lake, and do pray, declare, decree, fill up the Lake, Lord, bring in the rain and fill us up. I repent for taking advantage and not treasuring the land, and just forgetting about her. Amen.  
Next time, I will probably take out my flags and do a rain dance!  It's anointed, so it will work. :)  Let's get back to the walk now. We start back, and choose not to circle the entire lake. We get back and those pelicans are docile now and just quiet.......... AND THEN, these two kids go and scare them. I get so errrrrrrrrrr, but convince myself the birds aren't hurt, just watch.  So I do. These waterfowl choose to leave their sandbar of a peninsula and go to an island like place that is harder to get to. You have to go around the entire park to get there. I start thinking they are smarter than I give them credit for. 
Oh yeah!  I started to share about numbers, for last time was colors. Ready?
As I shared we got to the lake and saw so much life, birds and more. The pelicans became a focal point and subject of the day. I got home and looked through my photography and what caught my attention was the birds in flight ............OH!!!  the next day, for the lake trip was Saturday, and on Sunday I was home, and that is no where near any lake. I am in my backyard and look up and what do I see? PELICANS!!!!    They soar up there for about 10 minutes and take of in 2 different directions. 
So the conclusion of my weekend (which I was fasting "Doing, Doing"  another posting/another time), was the fact 2 different number kept presenting themselves.  The #3, and #4.
Three can mean a variety of things and I do have some Christian books that have helped me, but sometimes numbers can be personal. #3 can be about braiding, something in your life needs more than just you to accomplish it. It can stand for the Trilogy, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, again which is being attached somewhere in God. Many of us have isolated ourselves, and of course use social media, but even on Facebook, you can isolate yourself from having close freindships. The #3 can have to do with conforming. Learning this does take study in regards to what was created on the third day of creation. Oh also this is the first geometrical figure. Again when I look at those lines, 2 lines can't make a figure, and it take 3 to make a figure to contain anything. I look at marriage , I look at friendships, please include the Lord to make that relationship complete. Also there were 4 pelicans in flight at the park. 4 is a cool number, most likely having to do with ruling/reigning. Seeing the pelicans Saturday, they were a focal point and another interpretation of #4 is dominion /dominance. What dominates you? What do you give dominance in your life. So I "could" interpret the weekend that the Lord either needs to be in UTTER dominance over my /our/ you life.  How many of us have given CHRIST UTTER dominance over our lives. I haven't,  I am trying, Trying! God is going deeper and Deeper in all of us that will let HIM.  Shalom~

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Is God talking to you, and you never noticed??

Soooooooooooooooooo, much has been happening be it in the spiritual side of my life and I thought it was just the physical side of life.  I have read ever so many books in my life, and here in this last season the Lord has been prompting to read not only specific books, but just READ some books.  So I picked up re-ordering your day by Chuck Pierce, and though it was written several years
ago, it is for today in ever so many ways. I have been awakening at night, and just DON'T want to get up, but last night did, and ended up sleeping the rest of the night on the couch. The first hour, I was praying, and I think declaring. I only was finishing the 2nd chapter and twas on my heart to start over again, for there were tidbits of glorious/revelational information, and yep I found them. HERE is the first one:   We all have senses, and God speaks as well as does the enemy, but, BUT, we can discern ever so much through our senses; be it good/evil. 
So often I get pain in my body, and when I was in the nursing profession, there was a term called signs/symptoms. Holy Spirit has been giving me many signs/symptoms and yet has been communicating to me, that I don't have the condition of those signs/symptoms.  Does that make sense to you?  I then noticed on my Facebook wall, another woman was having this same situation, in her life. She was having pains, but not the condition. The Lord let her know as well, the same thing, but with more clarity. She was to be praying for someone as she felt those pains.  Now this is where the blessing of speaking in tongues comes in. So often we "might" not know what to pray, but know TO PRAY. "lol" 
Let's move on to color and leave the pains behind.  Has a color ever gotten your attention, or maybe you didn't realize that it was the color till the end of the day.  Example, you saw a yellow car, that really got your attention. Later while shopping  you were drawn to some beautiful yellow roses, and bought them. Coming home you noticed a woman wearing some beautiful yellow clothing, and then after coming home you picked up the mail and received some mail with a yellow envelope. Many Christians don't realize that God speaks like this. WELL?  How many times do we say God never speaks to me. ONE, we need to learn the language of our God/Creator.
Soooooooooo,  Yellow can mean a multitude of things, and most of the time it means either joy or fear. 
Again let me share something of great importance. So many go to school/college for years JUST to learn, Learn, LEARN. But how many of us really try and LEARN how to understand and converse with Our God.
Most colors usually have two basically meanings, and then there are times that let's say yellow was a color that when growing up you noticed, and it was the color of maybe your bedroom/linens.  Maybe the Lord is showing you HE was there when you were growing up though you never felt him.
So that is it for today, maybe next time, I will share about numbers. Please feel free to ask any questions.  Shalom