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Wind  shower Yeah Nicole wow! Releasing you Nicole from the tyranny of the trauma, canceling the power of the trauma.  His healing to His work of art, washing away the pain.   U papa wind,  you, you (Nicole).
Your name is right, its right in your name  VICTORY 4 the people.  I will pour freedom, freedom, all across the land.    A victim, now a victor, overcoming abuse.
I will start understanding the differences…  He will do things incredibly by the Spirit.  Your life will be different, so deep. A quiet transition.  Be careful to who you share.
Wings to soar, wings to fly, wings to overcome.   Prisoners of this pain. You take the keys, and I am giving you my grace, my healing, right now, my strength to overcome. My precious, precious,  I was there in your pain,   My precious, precious, I assure you its for HIS gain                         
My precious, precious, what the enemy meant for evil I have, I will use for good.  I took from Him, to use so you would win. 
I’m so glad  youre …

Killdeer Song


What do you believe, know, and understand about your relationship with Christ.................

what is ever so sad to me, IS the fact of all the worry over who is going to be president........... If one is a christian and has the discernment GOD DOES GIVE........... what does God say about the election. Well, most prophets, and apostles SAY: God is going to restore America! God's people have been praying most of the year, (of course there are those who are lazy), but it was a delight when I heard Chuck Pierce, and Dutch Sheets . . . . . Share about the fact that GOD IS ABOUT TO PLAY THE TRUMP CARD. Of course I hear the media give LIES too, as the clintons do regularly. ALSO...... this video, is AWESOME and if you think you are important. YOU BETTER TAKE AN HOUR AND WATCH IT... Don't complain later that , you were never warned. WE will have a restored Nation soon, but there is going to be some casualties too! God always warns, encourages...... before blessings and judging. SHALOM ~ ~ ~ ~     

TRUMP: the COMING LANDSLIDE. ~Ancient Prophecy Documentary

Keeping the 10 commandments~~~

The Ten Commandments I am the Lord, your God.Thou shall bring no false idols before me.Do not take the name of the Lord in vain.Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.Honor thy father and thy mother.Thou shall not kill/murder†.Thou shall not commit adultery.Thou shall not steal††.Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.Thou shall not covet‡ your neighbor's wife (or anything that belongs to your neighbor)  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    This season, I keep hearing The Ten Commandments, in my spirit.   So I  have been thinking: What commandments  DON'T I keep, and which one DO I keep?   I tried to remember them all, and would only make it to 8 or 9.  Not to 10..........  Ikes.  Now the one commandment I am trying to keep the Sabbath.   So this posting is to get us, you, and whomever will ,  KEEP THESE COMMANDMENTS!    SHALOM TOO!
TESTIMONY TIME.......... I'M back but this time, with my TRUE IDENTITY 100%. I have been fighting, FIGHTING, so as to be walking, living in the Identity GOD CREATED me to be in. I keep having breakthroughs (good), and keep coming up a level, (good). So often what seems to be evil, is deliverance and healing! FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS~ Deep breath... I got thrown to the floor yesterday (not good) and never imagined, that it was 100% VICTORY (darkest before the dawn), and if you are going through some ugh, it is the same for you too! VICTORY is at hand. Well I got thrown to the floor yesterday and when I came to, I wasn't sure where I was, and then "life" came into focus, I found blood on the pillow and had no fear (started saying shalom 2 years ago, as Holy Spirit prompted me)( Deborah Pomeroy / Debra Karrasch ) I washed my head (to the best of my ability, the back of it, and I could not see it) The day progressed and I learned as I have started listening to Sheila Zili…